Group added to FTSE4Good IndexGroup added to FTSE4Good Index

The Danske Bank Group’s work with corporate responsibility has led to our inclusion in one of the world’s most widely recognised indexes of socially responsible companies, FTSE4Good. The index, which is managed by Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange (FTSE), contains companies with strong sustainability profiles.

Selection criteria
FTSE4Good first screens out certain industries, for example tobacco, arms and nuclear power. It then selects companies on the basis of social and environmental criteria in five areas:

  • Working towards environmental sustainability.
  • Supporting human rights.
  • Countering corruption and briber.
  • Ensuring supply chain labour standards.
  • Developing positive relations with stakeholders.

A service for investors
"The FTSE4Good Index Series is intended to serve as an instrument for socially responsible investors and fund managers – an instrument that can help them more easily screen the market for socially responsible companies," explains Tina Obel Lope of the Group's CR Secretariat. "The index also helps promote the development of companies that manage social and environmental risks as well as financial risks."

Why Danske Bank made the list
Danske Bank’s inclusion in FTSE4Good is the result of our implementation of a socially responsible investment policy in 2008 and other factors. The Group has also launched the Financial Literacy Programme, which integrates principles of social responsibility in our core business, and we will finish implementing environmental management systems in all of our main markets in 2009.

Published on March 23, 2009

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Corporate Responsibility
The Danske Bank Group wants to operate a profitable, sustainable business based on the needs of its customers.

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